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“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

– Dr. Seuss

Digital Pr

There’s been the argument that digital PR is more effective than advertising (it’s certainly cheaper), and several books have been written about the fall of advertising and the rise of digital PR over the last decade. It’s a trend we’re excited to be a part of. If you’ve seen the results we have, you’d be excited too.

This type of digital PR exposure is better than just getting your name out there. National coverage means high-quality backlinks for your website that money can’t buy, and this can have a significant impact on where your site shows up in search engine results pages. Sometimes, a few high-quality links can make the difference between the #1 and #2 spots – and you probably already know what that means for site traffic and sales.

With our digital PR services, we take a three-pronged approach to getting our clients press, and it’s what makes us a little different than everyone else.

Main Benefits

  • SEO (Quality backlinks and optimized press releases).
  • Content generation (Content ideas, curation and creations).
  • Social media (Cross channel messaging & crises management).
Social media Marketing

What You’ll Get

PR/Media Monitoring

We have the PR tools and contacts necessary to find great opportunities for your company, and we get hundreds of requests from reporters and media outlets looking for expert sources for their stories, each and every week. You could be that expert, and we help make it happen. We also have access to the editorial calendars of major media outlets, so we can plan ahead and make sure that you have a consistent, relevant outreach to reporters and journalists.

Thought Leadership

When you’re a thought leader in your industry, reporters are more likely to tap you for expert commentary and quotes. If you’re interested, this can even develop into consulting gigs, speaking engagements, and book deals. Once you’ve achieved a certain amount of exposure, your clients and customers will also view you as an expert in your industry – which automatically makes them trust your advice and opinions. This leads to more sales.

Creative Campaign Development

This type of creative campaign development is something we excel at, and it’s one of our favorite aspects of our digital PR services. From SEO link-building campaigns to securing endorsement deals, we can do it all. No matter what your business or industry is, we can figure out a way to creatively solve your PR problems and get you the kind of press and name recognition you’re looking for.

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