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  • Convert website visitors to leads
  • Win more Clients and get ROI on your SEO budget

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    What You’ll Get from Our FREE SEO Assessment

    The end result of our SEO audits is a blueprint of recommendations—what you need to do to get your “SEO house” in order. We also include an online marketing and SEO strategy—how you should be marketing your business online and what you need to do to measurably improve your organic search rankings and get more leads and sales from non-branded organic search terms. Every audit we perform is customized to your business, but a typical SEO audit includes deliverables such as:

    • Baseline data collection using Giga Lagos Digitals partner SEO tools and Google analytics framework
    • Key metric identification—the data points to measure future SEO success
    • Keyword research to identify high-value target keywords unique to your business
    • Competitor analysis for 3-10 competitors
    • Online marketing and SEO strategy
    • A comprehensive evaluation of your site’s code, structure, on/off-site content, and links cape
    • Page by page recommendations for 5-10 pages
    • Keyword rank report for up to 100 or more target terms
    • local SEO and link building strategy evaluation
    • Presentation of our finding by an SEO Expert