BLUE GATE light uninterrupted campaign cover for social

About Project

Client: BLUE GATE WORLD – Registered as Tripplesea Limited

Subject: Working With BLUE GATE – Tripplesea Limited

BLUE GATE is a known brand for household and office power support provider that has been in existence for quite some time. Their product ranges from UPS to Stabilizers also known as AVR – Automatic Voltage Regulator to Inverters, Solar power and so on.

Our Task Was

Develop a comprehensive digital campaign to drive awareness and lead generation of Blue Gate’s UPS and Voltage Regulator leveraging the brand ambassador.

According to BLUE GATE, a campaign had earlier taken place with the same goal but there was no single engagement, though leads were delivered none were converted because they were a wrong target audience.

What We’ve Done

Leveraging on the obvious impact of light interruption on businesses and individuals, a typical scenario of the usual experiences during light interruption was depicted, drawing attention to why BLUE GATE is essential to all.

  • We asked series of questions from the client about products and their challenges aside from the obvious and developed a content and marketing strategy that resonated with the target audience and these include social contents for web and mobile.
  • To shore up the conversation around the brand, we implemented a fan engagement pre-campaign activities with the aim of drawing BLUE GATE’s existing followers attention before the campaign launch. After garnering substantial participation, we launched #LightUninterrupted Campaign using the video featuring Bovi – Ace Nigeria Comedian.
  • Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram media were the major instrument used to drive the campaign.
  • The digital media tools behind the campaign comprised of Facebook/Instagram ads, Twitter Promotions, Google display ads, Google search ads, and Youtube Ads. All on desktop and mobile platforms.


  • The BLUE GATE brand got over 120million impression within the first month which made them double the budget for the following month and a total 523million brand impression was recorded.
  • Over 170 client was brought onboard with each buying between 2 – 100 units.
  • An overall increase in BLUE GATE’s visibility share across all platform.
  • Accumulated video views of over 5 million across all channels.

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